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The ONLY NFT/RFT Exchange Platform.

Nafty lets you participate in the NFT market without having to invest large sums to acquire the most valuable NFT artworks.

With Nafty, we split up the ownership of valuable Digital Assets so you can profitably take part without having to buy the whole asset.


Your NFT tokens can be attached and detached to your portfolio.


Distributed ownership means more opportunities to stack your assets.


Track and adapt your ownership shares. Invest your shares in income-bearing instruments easily.

Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

For convenience, all of our NFT/RFT tokens are listed on the leading exchanges, along with being available at the major DeFi exchange markets such as UniSwap.

Non-Fungible/Re-Fungible Token Creation

The key to the whole system lies in an interlocking array of Smart Contracts which enable us to offer accessible portions of the most valuable asset classes. Normally these would be off-limits to ordinary investors. We expand the possibilities for high profit with high art.

Cascading Ownership

Not only do you get a stake in the ownership of major artworks, you participate in the valuation and rehypothecation of major gallery offerings. The possibilities are endless.

Value Farming

Assets are only as good as the income that can be derived from them. With the Re-Fungibility of NAFTY's curated offerings, you can both have an ownership stake and an income stake as you choose.

Join our ICO Now

With an asset class this hot, we have to restrict the offerings on the Initial Curation Offer. Please contact us soonest to see if you qualify.

Live Tracking

Watch you your portfolio grow in real time with Nafty's real-time tracking services.

Track everything with the App

The Nafty app shows you all of your Digital Assets along with tracking the asset valuation in real time.

Our Team

The Nafty team is a focused group of individuals all striving for the goal of making our dream of distributed art valuation real.

John Carbell

Founder / CEO

Financial professional with a track record of managing teams dealing with big data management, risk control and auditing. Provides the team with the needed experience to implement checks and balances from an organisational aspect ensuring standards compliance which are lacking in other blockchain projects.

Lucy Wang

Founder / CFO

Management consultant and art aficionado. The team builder and strategist with the vision to take NAFTY to the next level from an investment, artistic and corporate perspective. Consulted a number of art-related startups whilst simultaneously holding a position at PwC.

Sara Jackson

Founder / COO

Marketing and design expert with a history in the SAAS industry. Art hobbyist and private collector. Early blockchain advocate with the know-how and network to set the way for future collaborations, listings and product expansion plans.

Mike Koval

Founder / CTO

C++ developer with 15 years of experience under his belt. Although he’s been dabbling in blockchain for the past 6 years, this is the first project he is officially taking a role in. One of the key developers of the code that supports bitcoin ATMs.


Some of our most asked questions, collected here for you.

The Nafty Platform is the first system to bring investment in high-value NFT assets within reach of the common man. This is the real spirit of crypto! Art is one of the true appreciating assets. Years ago, one could contemplate buying a painting by an old master or a sports car. Now that painting would be worth a whole garage of sports cars. It's time for retail investors to have a chance at these kinds of gains.

Our target date is August 2021 once a smooth ICO is concluded.

Total token supply will be 1 billion.

Our target is to raise between 5,000,000 to 8,000,000 USD.


Yes! We have got many such things planned! Artist of the week, Country Focus on specific cultures, Mystery Boxes where you can win a randomly chosen artwork just by holding NAFT, and other fun events. Plus, we reward bounties for bringing more members and suggestions to running the community.

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